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  • • Water rising for submersible and jet pump for Irrigation, Domestic, Industrial mining, Chemical distribution.
  • • A wise replacement for MS, PPR, ERW, GI, HDPE and SS Column Pipes.
  • • uPVC is nearly inert towards corrosion, chemical reaction and erosion due to which, it is ideally used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water without any effect over the years.
  • • Installation : Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined

Special Features & Identity

  • • Surface finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydraulic friction losses and increase flow of water.
  • • Internal and External Square threaded spigot ends and rubber gasket for easy, reliable joining and pressure sealing.
  • • Special square thread given quick & easy installation facility and having very high load bearing capacity.
  • • Inside sealing ring for turbulence free leak proof joint and prevents over tightening.
  • • Step ring prevents leakages and control the vibration and over tightening.
  • • Inkjet printing & Hallmark to prevent duplication in market & ensures original genuine products.
  • • Very smooth internal surface increases 10% to 30% Water & Reduces 10% to 20% Power consumption
  • • Provision of outer ring to prevent leakage and over tightening.
  • Extra-long coupler in Heavy++ & Super Heavy series for higher load pulling strength and maintenance free jointing system over period of time.

Salient Features

  • • Corrosion Free & Inert to Chemicals
  • • Very low friction losses (10 to 30% more water)
  • • Cost Effective
  • • Energy Saver
  • • Long Life
  • • No Electrolytic Deposition
  • • Easy Installation & handling
  • • Non Toxic

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